Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Very Vintage

I wish a vintage clothes shop would open in Manila - a real vintage clothes shop, with real vintage clothes from the 50s, or historically-correct 50s-inspired clothing. As far as I know, we only have ukay-ukay stores selling clothes donated to the Salvation Army or worse, stolen off another person's clothesline. Nyee.

These are more like it -





SJV's Closet

Do you see anything you like? I see lots! Ooh, especially the black dresses with the swing skirts in the middle of the photo above. *Love*

(All clothes from Sally Jane Vintage, my daily source of vintage fashion. See My Digital Wasteland to the right.)


  1. You may be interested in looking at this local blog:

    Not exactly vintage, but she gets most of her clothes from ukay (or "thrift" as she calls it...haha). I really love her sense of style though. And the photography is gorgeous.

  2. @melvel - "Thrifted" is a fancy word. Call used clothing that and you can sell it for three times the price you paid the ukay lady. Haha


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