Monday, August 16, 2010

Bass - Home of New Vintage Shoes

I'm not over it. I still love vintage-inspired shoes. I say "inspired," because as much as I'd love to own an authentic pair of wingtips and oxfords, I will never run to the nearest ukay ukay store to get myself used shoes. This is not to judge those who get a thrill out of wearing thrifted footwear. It's just that this manner of sourcing is not for me. At least not yet.

So imagine my excitement when I discovered that the shoes sold at Bass are all vintage-inspired! I think of Bass as a store that my lola would frequent so I've never really been to one. But once I bothered to take a look, I discovered that Bass is a treasure-trove of shoes that women in the 50s would have worn. Lookie.

Glenbrook in white/cocoa - classic saddle oxford styled pump

Beaconhill in dune - classic double kiltie moccasin
Breck in black and white - classic wingtip styled casual lace-up oxford

Chrissie in cognac - classic lace-up oxford with flexible rubber outsole for maximum comfort! 
Eddie in driftwoord - classic jazz woven oxford

Most of Bass' styles are sold for USD69 or PhP3,500 a pair in our local stores. I find the price reasonable considering that the shoes are made of genuine leather and the designs guarantee that they will only look more distinguished in time. This is probably the reason why all of the shoes are described as classic. You bet they are. Acck!

I still have some shoes lying around that I haven't worn yet. Also, like I said, I've been trying to reduce my shoe purchases. So maybe I'll set aside Php100 a day so I can get myself a Bass pair or two or maybe three or four... Promise, the only other shoes that I will be buying this year are -

Gloucester in fawn - open fisherman vamp styled pump
Bellingham in black - still your classic lace-up oxford 
Brookfield in black - classic penny moc

And maybe this, the Greenwood in wheat/white - wingtip pattern classic pump with sensible heel height (only 2.5"!)

See more of Bass' shoes from their website. Click here.


  1. Gladi, based on experience, hindi matibay ang shoes ng Bass. This was what I wore in HS as school shoes, madali malaspag.

    I love Oxfords/Brogues too. Kahit na wala akong idea kung san ko isusuot.

  2. Ay, ganun? Ayos lang kahit hindi matibay. Chances are, I won't be wearing these everyday naman. Maybe every other day. Wahaha

  3. Sabagay, kaya siguro mabilis masira kasi everyday ko nga sinusuot (school shoes kasi). BTW, I think the Classic Penny moc yung style ng shoes ko before. Parang ang old school for HS shoes!

  4. you might wanna check this out--> hindi nga lang Bass ang brand. but vintage naman. wala lang. :-)

  5. Looked it up Mitch. It's nice. Although I'd like to invest on genuine leather this time. At sale ngayon ang penny loafers sa Bass. Hay tukso.


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