Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Diet Ocampo

Pao went on this diet this week. I convinced him to allow me to take this "before" picture of him. He says he is __lbs overweight. (I decided against disclosing the actual number as this may be a source of marital dispute. Haha). The goal of the diet is to lose the extra pounds in one week!

Yesterday, all Pao ate are fruits. Today, he had this for breakfast -

One boiled potato

- and will be eating only vegetables the rest of the day. I know Pao will follow the diet to a T. He can be very strong-willed when he sets his mind into something. Plus, eating all the vegetables that he can is nothing compared to drinking only water for seven days on his yearly fasts.

I'm curious though on how all of this will turn out. I'd like to go on a diet myself. I still have about 6lbs of "extra" weight since giving birth. I've been recruiting people from the office to join me on my diet IF Pao's diet turns out a success. Anyone care to join? We need all the support that we can get!

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