Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eating Out, Eating In

This is what a restaurant table looks like when you're dining out with a 9-month old - 

We've been taking Malik with us to eat at restaurants since some weeks back. His first high-chair experience was at Pho Hoa, where he ate rice cereal plus mashed beef from the beef noodle soup. Needless to say, pogiboy loved it. I guess this is what happens when you feed your baby just boiled vegetables/fruit. He gets excited when his food starts to taste like something...anything. Teehee

At C2 last week, we ordered these -

Clockwise from top left: binaggoongang lechong kawali (PhP295), aligue rice (PhP125), almondigas (PhP195), and sizzling dinuguan (PhP250)

Malik had rice cereal plus the almondigas, which is basically just miswa soup with pork meatballs. We loved the staff at C2 Megamall by the way. They were the first servers we encountered who offered to run hot water over Malik's bowl without us asking. They also knew where to put the food, i.e. away from Malik's reach, and helped Pao with the high-chair without hesitation. Good job, you guys.

In slightly-related news, I cooked chicken carbonara again for Malik's 9th month birthday last week. The little boy loved it (or he had no choice)! Haha

Mommy will cook some more for you, Malik. You like crispy pata?

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