Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This is a machete -

Meanwhile, that device that the police used to pound on the bus' window Monday was apparently an ax -

My dad texted me this morning to specifically point this out. Good to know he's reading my blog. Haha

Update, Aug 26: My dad texted me again this morning to tell me, this is wrong. He claims what the police used was a sledge hammer, which looks like this -

Since this apparently means so much to him, I say, okay. It was a sledge hammer indeed. *wink*


  1. Hehehe! Mabuhay si Daddy!

    Now that you mentioned it, I did hear reporters mention machete. But I think they must've just gotten confused with the consonants.

    They were probably referring to a:

    1) H-atchet


    2) MaLLet


    PS Your son's so cute!

  2. Anuvah?! This is so complicated! Haha Bayaan na natin ito, hatchet, mallet, sledgehammer, axe, machete. Poteyto, potatow. It's the same banana, saging o saba. :p

    I agree. My son is cute. Heehee


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