Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Floor Sleepers

Remember when I said there may come a time when we'd have to fill a room with mattresses? Well, the time has come. The bed rail that we bought a month ago has ceased to serve its purpose. In fact, it has become more dangerous for Malik now because he uses it to pull himself up.

"Join me mommy. This is fun! Weee!"


Malik also likes to pull up against walls, especially to look through this window. He likes looking at the cars passing by our road at night.

"There goes a Toyota Vios. That's a Hyundai Santa Fe. That's a Honda Jazz right there..."

Suddenly, letting Malik roam freely on top of a 2ft-bed isn't such a great idea anymore. He moves a lot, whether it be by crawling, or creeping, or rolling, or "worming". For convenience and yes, peace of mind, I begged Pao to just move our bed to the other room and set our mattress on the floor. He finally agree over the weekend. So here we are.

I spelled Malik's name just 'cause I can. Hehe

It's so much easier to chase after Malik now. We let him explore the entire width of the bed plus the puzzlemats on the floor. The bed rail is still on one side of the bed, because Malik enjoys using it as a jungle gym of sorts.

Malik likes to climb "up and down" the bed and the puzzle mats. He thinks he's doing it all by himself, but we like to help him go down. Otherwise, he'll plop face first.

Climb every mounteyyyynnn....

I don't know how this will turn out. I have concerns on how we'll clean the room now that it's almost covered in rubber. But so far, I've been sleeping more peacefully at night. Pao is not alone by himself on the floor anymore. We went ahead and joined him there. :)

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