Monday, August 9, 2010

The GM Diet Works

I'm excited for later today because Pao will treat me to a buffet dinner at the Red Crab. I am only assuming this, but with a weight loss of 17lbs in one week, I'm guessing Pao won that wager that he and his officemates made last week: Whoever loses the most out of following the GM diet wins dinner at the Red Crab and a spa certificate. Since Pao will not be paying for his dinner, he was kind enough to offer me free food. Woothoot!

As promised, below are the subject dieter's customary "Before" and "After" pictures. Here's what my husband looked like Monday last week -

Here's how he looked like this morning (7 days after) -

Oops. Excuse the sleeping baby. :)

As you can see, Pao is noticeably thinner. His abs are also back now, but those are for my eyes only. Naks.

After bearing witness to all of this madness, I've come to the conclusion that the GM diet works. As with all diets, however, you must stick with the plan religiously. Pao for instance, will not "improvise" on the recipes in the diet. He bought vegetables and cooked them just as instructed. If you too can bear eating only boiled vegetables and fruit for one week, go ahead. As for me, I'd rather drink and be merry and eat all the pizza I can take.

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