Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Lola Au

Lola Au turned 86 last Saturday. Happy Birthday! Hooray!

We normally will just meet at Tita Chelle's house on these occassions, but since Lola Au invited a couple of friends over -

- they had to rent an events place to hold the party in. Pao's side of the family is that big. Add five more and the gathering must be moved to a bigger place already. Hihi

There was a photo booth that we got to use for three whole hours. Everyone went crazy! As expected, put pictures and a typical Filipino extended family together and you get absolute mayhem.

Lola Au and her 5 daughters

The rest of the photos are here. Malik and Mae served their usual purpose, namely, as living photo booth props -

We had Estrel's caramel cake again. Promise, this is the only cake that is not a cheesecake that I dream about at night. Too bad they don't sell by the slice. Yummy!

Buttery. Caramel-ly. Heaven.

Happy Birthday Lola Au! From your 6 children, 7 in-laws (including me!), 17 grandchildren, and 2 kyoot na kyoot na grandkids.  

Lola Au's first and second grandchildren, Francis and Pao with their kids (Lola Au's first and second great-grandchildren) Mae and Malik.

Lola Au carrying a 9.2kg super baby

Lola Au and her apos


  1. Gladi, they do sell Estrel's by the slice. You just have to go to their store near Timog. Kaso I suggest just buying the smallest round cake kasi medyo mahal pag per slice. Parang P100 ata. Eh if you get the round cake, P500 lang, equivalent to more than 5 slices. =) Hehe, na-addict din kasi kami sa Estrel's dati. My officemates and I used to just chip in to buy the round cake for merienda.

  2. Ohemgee Karen! That is soooo good to know. We pick-up the cakes from the store but don't see sliced cakes around, so I just figured, ay, hindi sila nagbebenta. Now I know otherwise. Thanks!


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