Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kept Calm and Carried on

We finally got around to mounting our DIY Keep Calm and Carry On wall art over the weekend. You like it? Yikee.

We just downloaded images of the poster off the internet (Remember, the image is already in the public domain, so no laws were violated here, people). Pao had them printed on taurpaulin. We bought 2x2 wood, or in Tagalog, your regular dos por dos. And then finally, our all-around handyman Kuya Greg mounted the poster on the wood. Total cost: PhP122 (plus labor). Yes.

We used the red version, as you can see, so the turquoise one is still lying around in our house. I'm thinking of keeping it for future use. But if you have better use of it, let me know. Maybe we can just give it to you. You know, so we can all carry on. :)


  1. It actually helps Yen. I look at it every morning and it helps me carry on. Parang, "Go na, Gladi. You have no choice." Haha

  2. I like the blue one! Haha. I'll do nga the same thing. Print it out and hang in my office! That's where I need to be calm the most. Har har!

  3. Hi Toni! You should. Thousands of these posters are downloadable off the Internet. Although I suggest you just print a small version for your desk. When read the wrong way, the poster may send off wrong political (in the office politics sense) message. ;) Thanks for dropping by!


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