Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nice to have

I originally wanted this -

- because everyone was talking about it at some point in time.

Alexa Chung and her namesake bag.

Versus other overpriced bags, the leather on the Mulberry Alexa looks like it will age well. So even though the price is shocking (The oversized Alexa sells for around 983euro or about PhP60,000. Uh-huh.), I thought it would make a great "investment." And then I saw these from here -

- and my goodness, the Cambridge Satchel Company satchel trumps the Mulberry Alexa hands-down. This old-fashioned bag is made of genuine leather, hand-crafted in the UK. And versus the Mulberry Alexa, the Cambdridge Satchel Company 14" satchel sells for only GBP73 or about PhP5,500 plus shipping. Very very reasonable. More reasonable in fact than some local brands selling overpriced things to rich people.

I love the vintage look of this satchel. It looks like what these kids would have brought to school back in the 50s.

I could place Malik's initials on mine -

Blind embossing. Malik's will read: RMNZ. If he becomes a lawyer, he will be called "Ramonz." Haha

- so he can wear it to school like this -

- or if he grows up to be like my boyfriend John Lloyd, he can wear it like this too -

On a guy in Milan

So many possibilities. The problem, as always, is how to get my grimy hands on one. I read they ship to Asia, which covers us, but the website does not say how. I don't know. Maybe my frenzy will pass in a couple of days. Actually, I'm only writing this so my friend Mel can go get herself one. Let's go Mel. :)


  1. Gladi I don't want the Mulberry Alexa. I think the Bayswater is more classic :)

    I'll check out the other bag, pero mukhang stiff e :)

  2. It will become softer in time Mel. Buy eet! Buy eet!

  3. Eee, I'm not tempted (yet). Looks nice, pero looks mabigat and parang konti lang malalagay.

    Anyway, you might be interested in this: http://www.mywomenstuff.com/2010/08/08/im-going-back-to-school-with-cambridge-satchel-company-satchels/


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