Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Of Gifts - Part II

The fun part of having a baby in the house is that we get unexpected gifts all the time. I personally love the surprise factor. Malik likes tearing up the wrapper and playing with the paper.

Malachi: "Yes! Papel!"

Malachi: "Yes! Kahon!"

After Malik's dedication, Pao's boss dropped by all the way from Bukidnon. Citizen Acosta is one of Malik's godparents, but he couldn't make it to the dedication for some reason. Not one to break promises, he passed by our house straight from the airport to say hellow to baby Malachi.

Neric: "Let me see. This is how I remember carrying Ino..."

From a mommy's point of view, the best gift that Malik received on his dedication is this hand-written gift card from Lola Au.

Malik and Great Lola Au

This is not to say that we do not appreciate the other gifts that Malik received. He received lots and they were all well-thought of. Thanks so much you guys!

Winnie the Poop

But Lola Au's card is extra-special because she just turned 86 and uses a magnifying glass to watch television. Writing a message for Malik must have taken some time. Awww.

And then last night, Malik received another random gift straight from Bangkok.

"I'm so excited! I cannot contain my happiness!Thank you to FAMAS for this award!"

We're loving Malik's new cow shorts!

Thank you Auntie Carina! Mooo...

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