Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ProP 8.6 - Now Six

Proud Parent Update - Malik has 6 teeth now. Unfortunately, we can only see 4 of them in this picture. Smile, anak.


I am still often the victim of Malik's panggigigil. I wish this had an English equivalent, but I can't think of any at the moment. Anyway, here he is biting my shoulder at Lola Au's birthday party. Ouchie.

I am scared.

Over the weekend, Malik tried out Healthy Times Vanilla-flavored Teething Biscuits. The biscuits come in this box and are available locally from Healthy Options.

Last Friday was the first time that we've given Malik food other than rice cereal and mashed fruits or vegetables. This will partly explain why he loved the biscuits so much. I tasted the teething biscuits myself. They're not bad, although this batch tasted (and looked) somewhat burnt. Hmmm.

Notice Malik's foot. Kinikilig sa sarap. Haha

I discovered two new things about Malik as a result of this exercise. First, he's now able to feed himself. And by "feed" I mean the difficult science of learning to hold on to food using your forefinger, middle finger and thumb, and subsequently directing the food into your mouth. Excellent.

Cookie Monster. Am-yum-yum-yum.

Secondly, I discovered that Malik has learned how to share or at least how to hand things to other people. See. I asked Malik if I could have some of his biscuit and he gave it to me.

"Here Mommy. Try it."

I like these teething biscuits. They are dairy-free, soy-free and organic. I especially like the biscuits' size and shape - just right for baby fingers. Some moms say they don't like these biscuits because their babies can't bite off parts of it. But that's precisely the idea behind teething biscuits. They're supposed to be hard-baked so babies can gum them for relief.

For now, we'll probably be giving Malik only one of these biscuits per week. I have issues with sweet food. I am severely addicted to desserts and thus have the classic case of parent not wanting her child to suffer from the same addiction. 

Sorry for the shaky video, by the way. I tend to move a lot when I'm in charge of the camera. 'Til next time. Toodles. 

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