Monday, August 16, 2010

ProP 8.7 - The Drama King

Proud Parent Update - I read that this would happen soon enough. As in all babies, Malik used to cry only when he needed something - food, sleep, diaper-changing. At 8 months though, he has learned that crying could get him what he wants (sometimes). In this video, Malik cries because he wants to be picked up. You'd think he's truthfully in pain. Don't worry. He's not. He's just an effective actor. Famas!

Saturday, we discovered that Malik can actually cry on cue if he wanted to. Here, he cries because I was pretending to be mad at him. You can hear me laughing in the background. He was just too cute. Haha I hope I didn't confuse him though.

And then yesterday, we discovered that we can put Malik's dramatic skills to better use.  If we say "Ayyyy" when he's not in a crappy mood, like in the second video, he will just close his eyes briefly and smile. We call this talent "pa-cute," which is the male version of "beautiful eyes." Ayos ba?

I honestly still don't know where Malik picks up these things. I've asked Ate Bear if she taught Malik to cry on cue. She just told me that she tells Malik to "sleep first" if he wants something, like milk, which is probably where Malik got the idea of shutting his eyes. Anyway, we're now accepting applications for Malik's representation. We'd accept bookings outright but I'm too busy working. Teehee

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog. It's so inspiring especially your penchant for biblical concepts. I'm a blogger too ( so I know what a great blog looks like. I'm a good friend of Alex if you are related to him.


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