Thursday, August 19, 2010

ProP 8.8 - Minero

Proud Parent Update - For this post, let me bore you with my story of Malik's love affair with our bedroom wall. You know that state of mind where it seems like your baby is senglots? That's the point where he's really very sleepy already but doesn't want to go to sleep yet because there are toys strewn all over the bed that are distracting him. When Malik is in this state of mind, he likes to: (1) climb up against our wall, like so.

When this happens, we watch closely because Malik will want to let go of the wall in order to free fall on the bed. Ocassionally, he will also try to (2) lick the wall...for what reason, we'll never know. Heehee 

And, when we haven't put aside his toys yet, Malik will grab a hold of one of his plastic toys, like his stacking cups or his balls, and will (3) hit said toys against the wall like he's digging up something.

"Look Ma. Ball!"

"Let me think for a moment. Hmmm. What can we do with this ball?"

"I know. Let's hit it against the wall! Follow me, Mommy! This is fun!"

That's it. Please don't ask me why I even bother to blog about these things. It's just that these things matter to me particularly. My short-term memory is horrible, so to help me remember, I write. When Malik's a little older, I'd like to be able to look back at this blog so I can tell him stories of how it was when he was just a teeny baby.

Malik's been up to a lot of things at 8 months. I honestly don't know where to begin. I've been taking tons of videos of him doing all sorts of amazing things. It will be difficult for a very proud mother like myself to try to weed out videos that will not interest other people, but I will try.

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