Friday, August 20, 2010

ProP 8.9 - Walk the walk

Proud Parent Update - By now, Malik's mastered the art of crawling. Here's a video of him crawling up, down and around our mattress. You'll notice Malik plays with his toys the way they're supposed to be played with now, i.e. drumming the drums, putting the ball in the proper holes etc. When he's cranky, he likes to throw things around and lean backwards like that. Don't pay him too much attention when he does. Uh-huh.

Malik is a brave boy. This is good because he's not afraid to try new things, like standing on his own. On the other hand, the daredevil attitude has caused him to fall many times. This will be the subject of a separate post, if warranted. Anyway, here you'll see Malik stand on his own for a few seconds (See sec.22 onwards).

Because Malik's legs are getting stronger, we encourage him to walk a little. I decided against getting a walker. I read that walkers may actually delay walking because the muscles that babies use for walkers are different from the muscles that they use to walk. Plus, Malik gets lazy/bored quickly. He likes to stand up by holding on to things, but in the face of urgency (like when he sees a toy that he'd like to play with) he'd much rather crawl than learn to walk. I notice that Malik especially gets distracted by his shoes. I think it's the squeaking noise that they make.

When he's not distracted by his shoes though, Malik can walk (with a little help). This next video is proof -

Soon, Malik will be running around and we will be running after him. When Malik was a newborn, I wished he'd grow up already so we can interact more. But now that he's become mobile and it has become more difficult to take care of him, I'm kind of missing the tulog, dede, poopoo cycle. :p 


  1. let him walk barefoot around the house daw, because barefoot will help him with his sense of balance and speech :)

    agree with the walker; we only used it to "restrain" gabby, so to speak, so that hindi sya makalayo masyado, and only when he already knew how to walk on his own.

    you might also want to try Walking Wings, my sister lent us one; mas madali yun than crouching will assisting malik to walk, hehe. masakit sa likod pag nag-aaral pa lang maglakad, pati pag bagong tuto maglakad and prone to falling pa :)

  2. Thanks Chi! Fortunately, China gave Malik Walking Wings on his dedication. We tried it on when he was around 6 months, pero ayaw pa niya. Maybe 9 months would be a good age to try again.

  3. I can imagine ang sakit na sa likod... ;-p

    Gladi, Marion likes leaning backwards also when she's impatient or papansin with matching whining. Yikes. ;p Because of that, her head gets untog a lot. I'm sure it doesn't really cause any damage but it happens too often I'll ask the Pedia about this. Um, nakakabobo ba if they get bump their heads often? ;p

  4. Yen, sana naman hindi. Kasi si Malik ang daming beses na nalaglag! I think the name "Malik" was really destined for him because he's so Malik-ot! No use beating ourselves up over those though. It's all part of growing up!


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