Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ProP 9.0 - Malik's balls

Proud Parent Update - Malik turns 9 months old today. Hooray! He's still happily throwing things out of his playpen/unto the floor.

"Catch my cup mommy! Weee!"

In addition to this hobby, we have come to the conclusion that Malik generally likes balls. He likes to hit them against walls, chew on them, hit them against his toy drum, and roll them. So yesterday, we got Malik his birthday toy in the form of Playskool's Busy Balls.

He loves these. They make fun sounds when you shake them.

By the way, Malik has eight teeth now. You can see six of them here, and then just add the two that have been on his lower gums since about two months ago.

Because our pediatrician practically begged us to feed Malik decent-tasting food already, we've begun feeding him actual rice (not rice cereal). You will see this here. Don't worry. We'll teach Malik not to talk when his mouth is full when he's able to talk already. Heehee


Hmmm. What else is new? Well Malik's been eating out with us in restaurants. He's had his first high chair experience and it was a success. We've given him spaghetti from Avenetto, almondigas from C2, and beef noodle soup from Pho Hoa, but I think the matter of eating out is best discussed in a separate post. :) These would be all for now.

Happy birthday, Malachi!


  1. Hi. I was browsing online for playpen and I was able to see your blog. I was just wondering where you bought that kind of playpen. I've been looking online for a second hand (but in very good condition), but I can't find any. Could you please let me know where you bought it or if you know someone selling that stuff? :)


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