Monday, August 30, 2010

ProP 9.1 - Hulk meets Hulk

Proud Parent Update - After dinner last weekend, Pao and I took Malik to Toy Kingdom so we can take a look at some toys. By 'we' I mean Pao and myself, because at 9 months, Malik really isn't very interested. Heehee

We saw this lifesized replica of the Hulk at the toy hobbyist's section (Is the Hulk just this tall? Hmmm.) I remember at 12 months, my niece Jowie was dead-scared of Jollibee. Same goes for their bunso Gabby. But Malik turned out different. He liked the Hulk. He looked amused, in fact.

Malik: "Sup, tiyong?!"

I hope this doesn't change at least until Malik celebrates his birthday in three months. It would be more fun to have pictures taken with a mascot when the celebrant is not crying his lungs out.

Malik: "Yeah, whatever, green guy."

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