Thursday, August 12, 2010

Schu Sale

You know why I love my job? It's partly because I can buy shoes during my lunch break! Weee! Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new excesses -

Before: PhP2,799
Now: PhP1,399

Before: PhP2,499
Now: PhP1,249

Me trying on the black sandals. Wore my Melissa Seduction pumps yesterday (left foot only) Haha. Notice the lady at the back. She was probably ready to call security. :)

Black pair on my feet. These shoes are so empowering. And they're surprisingly comfortable too!

Gray pair on my feet. These are difficult to put on, but I'm willing to bear with the slight inconvenience. Ahhh.

I have been trying to reduce my shoe purchases because of Malik. There was a time when I'd spend hours on, and would force my dad to stuff 6 pairs of my shoes in his Balikbayan box. But nowadays, I often feel guilty when I buy something for myself. It's that instinct to save for some other person who is totally dependent on you.

Now that I think about it, I should not have bought two pairs at once. I was caught off-guard! The deal was just too good to pass up on. Oh no. But if I add the price of both, it'll amount to just one shoe at regular price. So I guess it's still all good, right? Ugh.

I forgot to ask when the sale's going to end, but I think it'll last the entire month of August. The Schu blog confirms this and the huge billboard outside the mall says so very clearly -



  1. "But nowadays, I often feel guilty when I buy something for myself. "

    Me too! I have to "justify" my purchases for myself; it's only lately that I've gotten comfortable shopping for me.

    Pero pag para kay Gabby, go lang ng go!

  2. Chi, oo nga. I am unfortunately still a shopaholic except now I buy things for Malik. I hope someday I'll outgrow my "want" phase.

  3. Mel, di ba? Winner. There were so many more nice shoes on sale. Hindi siya latak na sale na parang garage sale! Maybe I'll pass by again later. Pass by lang. Haha

  4. By the way Chi, ikaw ba when you buy something for yourself, you make sure you bring home something for Gabby too? Kasi kahapon bumili akong stacking cups for Malik, to take the edge of my heavy conscience. Haha

  5. Hi Gladi! We love this post! You're in our blog! =)

  6. @Schu - Oh my! Thanks ha. That's a first. :)


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