Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We've been saving up for a house. Or at least we've been trying to. Heehee Anyway, when we've saved enough, I'm hoping our home will look more or less like this.

Love the desk, the stool, and the vintage water pails.

Pao will not sleep in a bedroom that looks like this.
But a similar palette will look great for my study. Naks.

Even the trash can is vintage. Did you notice?

Cookies are begging to be baked in this kitchen.

Malik and I will watch Aladdin here.
I will tell Malik how cartoons used to be just 2D in the old days. 

I'd like our home to feel really comfortable and welcoming. Nevermind that I will be living there with two rowdy boys. When Malik gets older, I'd like for his classmates to treat our home like a clubhouse. They'd want to spend time in our house because I will serve the best hot chocolate on rainy days and the best hero sandwiches on summer weekends. They will eat these things on our sun porch, that will look more or less like this -

Pao will object a little to this idea. My dream home does look a little flowery than is comfortable for an adult male. But as in most things, I'm sure we can work out a compromise, namely, I'll probably get my way. Wahaha

(Believe it or not, the photos above are of an actual house where real people, who are not celebrities, live. The couple who owns the place even has a collection of vintage tin cans to organize the man of the house's collection of rocks!


All photos from Country Living Magazine. Click here.)


  1. gladi, maganda ung his and hers sink.para maging ok kay pao, bigyan mo siya ng room na tipong blue ang kulay tapos stainless steel ang decor.yknow, because that's...really not flowery.payagan mo na rin siya magmount ng mga stuffed animals and i mean ung mukhang buhay.

  2. Okay lang naman Golds eh. He will be free to decorate the garage as he pleases. Waha


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