Monday, August 9, 2010


I promise I will (soon) stop complaining about having to be a working mom. I blame all of it on human nature. When I'm at the office, I wish I were home. But when I'm at home and taking care of Malik, I wish we were somewhere else. It's oh-so-human of me, this discontent. 

Anyway, while I work these issues out, let me just point out that one of the things I don't like about being a working mother is the fact that I don't get to pick what Malik wears for the day. I just discover Malik wearing print on print, or a sando that is too loose, or shorts that are too big when I come home from work. Presently, Ate Bear's favorite sando for Malik is this -

He wears it all the time. As in suot kaagad from the dryer, as evidenced by the following photos taken on different dates and occasions -

What's funny is that the shirt is so grammatically incorrect. Who says "Thanks Heaven"?  :p Anyway, I don't care too much about these fashion blunders. What is important is Malik remains a healthy, happy, and of course inherently pogi baby. Thanks God. Heehee

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