Thursday, August 5, 2010


I left my practice (if I can even call it that) because I wanted to focus on building and raising a family. But even with a 9-6 job that does not compel me to bring home work, there is only that two-hour window between coming home and Malik sleeping for the night, when I could interact with my baby. We try to make the most of our brief times together -

- but the reality is, I'm missing a lot of milestones here. The arrangement feels unnatural. Surely, parents aren't meant to just give birth to their babies and leave them to the care of strangers while they forage for food.

There has got to be a better way.  


  1. Gladi, Don't be too hard on yourself. I think that as long as Malik feels loved, he's going to be great. :-) Besides, I think it's natural for us (mothers/wives) to want to do every thing. I don't go out of the house to work and I get to spend most of the day with Marion, but I feel like there is something "wrong" and want to, as you put it, forage for food.

    If it's possible, maybe you can teach Malik's yaya and your helpers how to take videos or photos of him while you're not home. :-)

  2. Thanks Yen! I'm just thinking maybe I should start a business or practice by myself, whatever. Anything that will give me free reign of my time. Hmmm.


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