Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wing It

When you get the chance, drop by Buffalo's Wings N' Things at the Gstrip in Greenhills or at the Ortigas Home Depot in Ortigas (obviously). I've been to both branches countless times. Both are great.

When you get there, do not order anything else off the menu. Trust me, the other food items will not be worth it. What you want to do is order -

- buffalo wings! Pao and I get the 1 pounder, which we divide into two. Half a pound goes to me, New York's Finest style always -

And the other half pound goes to Pao, Garlic Parmesan style always -

If we're really hungry, we'll order the Triple Sampler and get ourselves a cup of NY Dirty Rice each -

Do not forget to get blue cheese dip! I wasn't able to take a photo of the dip because my act of taking the photos above have done enough damage to my eating momentum. Besides, you can read more about about Buffalo's Wings N' Things here. If I were you though, I'd just go. Eeeets good. Promise.


  1. My all time favorite comfort food back in college was buffalo wings. I called for delivery almost every week. The place was called WING IT. :-D

    Hope Rocky and I can try this place soon. :-)

  2. I hope I don't oversell the place, Yen. But it's really good! I dream about their wings. I think about them before I go to bed. I fantasize about eating Buffalo's wings at work. I am a Buffalo's Wings N' Things mistress!

  3. OMG, walking distance to sa old house namin. Ma try nga sometime.

  4. Right Mel! They have a branch in Paranaque! Lez gow!


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