Friday, September 10, 2010

Buyer Beware

You remember how I was raving about finally getting myself a Cath Kidston carry all bag? This arrived in the mail three months ago - 

At the time, I didn't bother checking online sources on Cath Kidston authenticity. I was under the impression that there aren't Cath Kidston replicas in the market because not too many people know about Cath Kidston yet. I was wrong.

Doubts on my bag's authenticity began brewing when I saw my friend Mitch's bucket bag that came directly from the UK. The label in front of her bag did not look all crinkly like mine -

And then I stumbled upon these pictures from a shop in Rakuten. An authentic Cath Kidston bag would look like this -

It wouldn't have smudges on the print or threads that overlap -

As luck would have it, my "Cath Kidston" bag bore all of these marks. Ugh.

I still carry my bag ocassionally because I paid good money for it (PhP2,200 to be exact). I bought it off local ebay from a seller who said she bought it from a reseller in Hong Kong. I can't return it anymore because I've already used it before I discovered that it's a fake. In fairness to the seller, she actually refused to receive my payment until I saw the bag first. Maybe she was having doubts on the bag's authenticity herself. But like I said, at the time, I was so blinded by the thought of finally owning a Cath Kidston that I overlooked the bag's flaws.

So be careful you guys. I suggest just buying from the official Cath Kidston website or the local Accessory Lab in Rockwell.


  1. Ohhh I didn't know there are replicas of this lovely bag too.. Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

  2. Eeek sorry to hear that. CK knockoffs sell for around 500 bucks a piece in HK. So if you really want to buy one, you're better off buying from the real store or from a brick and mortar outlet like AL. Ebay can really be a place of scammers talaga.

    Btw, am selling my Longchamp Great Wall Le Pliage in case you're interested. It is the real deal :D

  3. Hi Maria, I haven't seen replicas of these bags in local stores yet but knock offs are shamelessly sold in online shops on Multiply and ebay. Let's be careful!

    Hi Maver, so you're finally letting go of one of your many Le Pliages? I'll pass, but will spread the word!

  4. oh my gosh.. i see so many fakes in malaysia n singapore too..


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