Sunday, September 5, 2010

Forget Bellingham

At the third floor of Trinoma is a store called 158 Designer's Boulevard. There, you will find shoe brands Steve Madden, Franco Sarto, Superga, and Enzo Angiolini among others. There are racks upon racks of super duper sale shoes at the Designer's Boulevard, where I scored these -

Enzo Angiolini Samalita Oxford Pumps in Black and Dark Purple

Me trying out a pair

Excellent detailing. All-leather by the way.

Here goes the motherload of all surprises. The Samalita Oxford originally retails for PhP6,950 a pair. I can't afford these at that price tag, but you will not believe how little I paid for these. You must sit down before I tell you. Grab a paper bag because you may hyperventilate. Get yourself a glass of water if you wish. Are you ready? Are you really really ready? I paid PhP595 a pair! Oh em gee. That's 91.5% off retail! I got these practically for free! Wah!

You may want to check out Designer's Boulevard while you still can. There are other office-appropriate pumps there that are also selling for Php595. I didn't get them anymore because I have reformed my shopping philosophy. Must purchase only when I will be losing sleep otherwise. But the 25 year old me would not have been able to resist! I cannot put enough exclamation points in this post! Wah! Haha

Incidentally, I wandered off Designer's Boulevard because I had just purchased these -

Bass Washington loafers

Also got these loafers on sale at 65% off. Woothoot. You know this means I was misled by (or may have misunderstood) the salespeople in Bass Galleria and Podium. First, it isn't true that the loafers on sale do not have bigger sizes. They do. In fact, I actually debated between getting these and the Wayfarer loafers, which were also in my size. Second, it isn't true that Bass may only be found in Galleria and Shangri-La. Their boutiques are still all over - in ATC, Gateway, and Trinoma in fact. 

So I guess this wraps up my shoe purchases for the year. No more Bellinghams for me. These are it. Bow.  


  1. Argh I will check out 158 Designers Blvd. in ATC. Sana may sale din. I want oxfords pero not with heels!

  2. Mel! Flat oxfords would have been ideal, but P595? Kahit hot pink kulay nito, bibilin ko pa din at that price. Haha Go, go, go.


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