Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Head on over to Charlie's - Part I

We knew that there's a burger joint located right next to a car wash in Kapitolyo, Pasig that sold burgers with deep-friend portabello mushrooms sandwiched between the patty and the buns. We haven't tried that out even when we really wanted to, because er, Kapitolyo and traffic jams are synonymous in our book!

Since some months ago, an Arts and Center building was constructed along Ortigas Ave. Extension in San Juan. We pass by this building everyday from work, and have wondered why there are always cars parked outside even when only two establishments are open. One of the stores that we see everyday is called Charlie's Grind and Grill. It turns out, it's the newest branch of that heretofore unreachable burger joint in Pasig.

This photo from www.janedchua.com. All other photos taken by Pao or myself.

Our advice is to not go on a Sunday evening like we did. There were just too many families waiting to be fed. This, for instance, was the line ahead of me to the cash register -


It took 25 minutes to place our order and another 20 minutes until our order was served. I timed it. This is accurate. Service was also horrible. We had to ask several different waitresses to give us glasses of water, which requests were all conveniently ignored. Ultimately, Pao had to get the glasses himself. (I will not be taking this against Charlie's though. The crew at the time was manifestly overworked. Charlie's also doesn't charge a service fee. They only have a tip box at the counter. We suggest you use that too.)

Tick tock. Tick Tock.

The first point is, it's really just best that you go on a weekday. Like I said, we pass by the place everyday from work. On those days, the number of people waiting in line isn't ridiculous.

(To be continued...) 


  1. I was here yesterday :) LOVE THE BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS :)

  2. di mashado trapik sa kapitolyo unlike the rest of pasig hehe! pero maliit ang space ng charlie's so mukang marami palagi tao. try nyo dun to get a glimpse of matinee idol robin daroza. tanda na pero gwapo pa din hihi. landi.

  3. Ash: Ah, the chicken wings! Will write about those soon! Tsarap.

    Ton: Nagbabasa ka pala ng kalokohan ko dito? Welcome, welcome! Nandito pa pala sa Pilipinas si Robin Daroza? Kala ko bumalik na ulit kung saan siya nanggaling to be a grocery bagger or something similar. Ang sama. Haha

  4. oo, sinusubaybayan ko itey. ako kasi ang unang stalker ng anak mo mwahahaha!


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