Thursday, September 16, 2010

If it's so good

(My original post disappeared so I'm going to have to re-write this from memory! What happened, Blogger? Argh.)

It appears that Emerald Garden is the type of restaurant that you'd want to go to when you're solving a hostage situation. Whether good or bad, what's settled is that the restaurant got publicity out of that crisis. We were curious. So for my mother-in-law's birthday, off we went to Roxas Boulevard to check out the food. 

There are two Emeralds actually. We went to the one on the right, with our backs turned against Roxas Boulevard. The exteriors look crummy, but inside it was clean and the airconditioner was working. This was surprising, as I was preparing myself to tackle sights and smells similar to Ma Mon Luk along Quezon Avenue. Have you been to Ma Mon Luk? Ah. Eau de Ma Mon Luk. Wild. Haha

While waiting for our meals, Malik toured the vicinity with Lolo -

Lolo: "Look Malik, shrimps."
Malik: "We will eat those later Lolo. I wonder if their families will look for them." ;p

Must also not forget the customary picture picture with the birthday celebrant -

Pao is grumpy. Hmph.

Okay, these are what we had -

From top to bottom: Yang Chow fried rice, beef with broccoli, birthday noodles, salt and pepper squid, fried crab, prawn salad, and (Malik's ulam) minced steam broccoli

Our meal at the Emerald Garden cost us around PhP500 per head. I can't decide whether this is reasonable. On the one hand, we did have prawns and crab. On the other hand, it's really just one medium-sized crab. Besides, the food was underwhelming. I could just have gone to the nearer Hap Chang or North Park and I would have gotten the same tastes, probably even better. 

Would I go back? Yes but only for the crabs. Emerald's crabs taste fresher than those at Red Crab. Let's compare, picture-wise -

Emerald's crab: Meat does not stick to shell and is juicy.

Red Crab's crab: Meat sticks to shell and is dry.


  1. sabi nila tulad din sa shrimp pag nakadikit sa balat and dry na di na freshness. ^^ Happy birthday tito Alex. ^^

  2. I agree that the food in Emerald is nothing special. I think what they're known for is their special siopao. Super sarap and super laki! I think one siopao is around P70 but it's good enough for two and overflowing yung filling. Kaso mabilis maubos kasi pinipilahan. You have to be there as soon as they open to be able to buy. =)

  3. Thanks Mishee! Si Mama Girlie and may birthday! Haha

    Karen, too bad we didn't try the siopao. This is what we get for not asking around first. But we got there lunch time, so the siopao was probably all sold out anyways.

    By the way, I just put two and two together and have come to the conclusion that The Bag Hag Ingrid Go's family owns Emerald. Can anyone confirm if this is true?

  4. Yes, Emerald is owned by Ingrid Go's family, based on some of her posts. I discovered the special siopao from one of her blog posts. She also confirmed that her family owns the restaurant in a number of other posts. Hehe, mukhang pareho tayo ng mga blogs na binabasa.

  5. Gladi, Karen is right, super sarap ng Siopao sa Emerald. Favorite ko yon, plus the crabs and the hot prawn salad.

  6. Mel and Karen, siopao it is next time then. Crab is good but expensive ha. Medium costs PhP900++.


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