Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm waiting (to be entertained)

Most of the blogs I read follow U.S. TV series Mad Men that  has won three consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series since its premier episode aired in July 2007. 

Mad Men is set in the early 1960s and is about the everyday concerns of employees of  the fictional ad agency Sterling Cooper, which was supposedly located on Madison Avenue in New York City (Hence the series' title "Mad[ison Avenue] Men"}. The series has garnered some acclaim for being historically accurate in terms of its depiction of the lifestyle in that era. 

So far I learned that -

* People smoked a lot in the 1960s. As in. They were apparently then unaware, or were still in denial, that smoking causes health problems and leads to lung cancer, among others. The characters smoked everywhere including in enclosed spaces, which would be shocking not to mention rude in the 21st century. 

One of my favorite characters, the curvy Joan Sterling - Office Manager and Head of the secretarial pool at Sterling Cooper

* Most of the women in the 1960s were treated like children. Staying at home to look after the household was not an option, it was expected of them. For women who worked, careers were limited to clerical jobs as secretaries or office managers. Agency partner Roger Sterling, when asked the question "What do women want?" non-chalantly replied "Who cares?"

The secretaries of Sterling Cooper

* Homes had loud wallpapers in the 1960s. It is not unusual for a room with green plaid wallpaper to be located next to a room with red damask wallpaper. Sorry Pao, but I think I am inspired. Haha

A typical 1960s kitchen

After three episodes of Season 1, I am sadly not impressed. I love the fashion lessons. But stories seem slow, as compared to say True Blood where someone almost always dies per episode. I am watching two more episodes today, in the hope that I will be convinced otherwise. If my liking for the series doesn't surface by end of day, I guess I will just be looking at pictures of the costumes on the Internet. 

My favorite character fashion-wise is Betty Draper with her full skirts, petticoats, silk gloves, and yellow rubber gloves for cleaning the kitchen sink. 

The women of Mad Men - Peggy (secretary to the show's main character Don Draper), Betty Draper and Joan Harris

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