Thursday, September 30, 2010


So many clues point to this show being the mother of all lame shows:

(1) Vampires versus werewolves? How original.

(2) Red and yellow contact lenses? Whoa. I've never heard of that before.

(3) CGI circa early 1990s. The wolves look like they've been drawn by my 11-year old nephew.

(4) And production value circa late 1980s. I was hoping local television would be over blowing up Toyota GLIs by now.

And yet, guess who will be coming home early Monday night to watch the premiere episode?

The things I do for you John Lloyd. The things I do...


  1. The horror!

    Ang sagwa, OMG. Kahit bayaran ako di ako manonood nito.

  2. Wahaha Don't worry Mel. I will post regular updates here so you won't have to watch it. I'm especially interested in Rico Blanco's acting! I wonder what possessed him to try out showbusiness. Hmmm.


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