Sunday, September 19, 2010

In our experience

Baby carriers are really not advisable baby gear for big babies. We have three. One is this Evenflo baby carrier that works like a back/frontpack -

Another is this baby sling from H.A.B Maternity and More -

And we have another baby sling called the Next 9 R'Jelly Bean sling. These are okay for when you have smaller built babies. They make maneuvering through clothes racks and riding escalators easier. 

But they don't work for bigger babies like Malik (weighs 9.9 kgs. and measures 80 cm at 9 months). Surprise, surprise. Big babies, even when carried with the aid of carriers, will still feel heavy. Plus, with baby carriers, we have to put all of Malik's stuff in a bag which we also have to lug around. Harang.

It's really just more convenient to use a baby stroller that can contain all of the baby's things and also keep the baby amused. We are fortunate that Malik likes to ride his stroller. Some babies, who have gotten so used to being carried around by their parents (through carriers or otherwise), refuse to be tied down to these devices.

"It doesn't look like it, but I'm really enjoying this folks."

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