Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

In case you haven't noticed, September has arrived. And the arrival of September means - Christmas season has begun in the Philippines! Woothoot!

My officemates say they've already heard Christmas carols being played over the radio. I haven't, but I'm still very happy that the -ber months are here.

Everyone's nicer during the holidays. Courts are generally more forgiving. Bosses are not so stressed. And that law called the 13th month pay law basically guarantees that we have spare money to buy hamon and keso the bola and all the other goodies that clog our arteries come January. Weee.

I'm most excited this Christmas because Malik is around. Christmas is all about the kids yes. This year, we're trimming our Christmas tree with Malik for the first time and will be compelling him to open his Christmas presents on Christmas day. Wahaha. Merry Christmas everyone! :)  

(Isn't this little boy adorable? More of these lovely vintage Christmas cards here.)


  1. September 1 pa lang nagpapatugtog na ng Christmas carols sa mall! yey!!! :)


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