Sunday, September 5, 2010

Malik's National Heroes' Day Weekend - Part I

I haven't been on a vacation in a while. I really wanted to go to a beach for last week's long weekend, but as it turns out, the nearest resorts have been booked to the hilt. So it was back to Oakwood Premier in Ortigas for us. Boohoo. In furnace, when you're packing a baby, I guess it makes sense to just vacation in the city.

Waiting for daddy at the Oakwood Premier lobby

As in most decent hotels, the sheets in Oakwood are divine. Promise. If I ever win the Lotto, only linen in the 500++ threadcount will touch my baby's skin. Yuz.

You rememer this set-up from Malik's photoshoot with Rolling Stone magazine, right? Heehee

When you're checking in a hotel only for the pool, it also makes sense to share expenses with your friends who will also need the pool. We shared with our friends Mike and Mitch, whose sons Magus and Zwei, expert swimmers extraordinaire, will be swimming with Malik.

Okay. So here are the much-awaited photos of Malik "swimming". First, let's take a photo of Malik in his first ever board shorts.

Very Cosmo Hunk of the Malik ha, hindi si Pao. Just so we're clear. Naman.

Malik liked the water. Here he is enjoying the pool. By the way, Magus and Zwei are excellent swimmers! The swimming lessons that they've been taking have done wonders for their confidence when in the water. You'll see in the video that I will be uploading in a bit that Magus, who is only a little shy of 4 years old, can float all by himself. Zwei jumps in the water without floaters! So brave. Yey.

Unfortunately, we had to take Malik out of the water after a few minutes because he was getting cold. (Translation: Inahon na namin kasi nilalamig. Wahaha)

(To be continued...)

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