Monday, September 6, 2010

Malik's National Heroes' Day Weekend - Part II

(Continued from the time Malik got out of the pool...)

When we got back, Malik had a grand time playing with Magus and Zwei.

I guess Malik was getting bored with his usual toys already, because he paid extra attention to Mario.

Malik: [Akin na lang?]
Magus: [Weh. Asa ka.]

Considering Malik's ability to leap out of beds and get himself into trouble, we had to sleep on the floor. We just took out the duvet from the room, laid it out on the floor, and surrounded ourselves with extra pillows. I don't know if this is allowed. Don't tell Oakwood.

Malik sleeps at around 11:00 p.m. and that night was no exception. The good news is, this senglots time is about the time when Malik is at his happiest. Here he is goofing around and forcing his dad to play with him.

Soon, it was time for bed, but not before Malik examines the thread count of the sheets that he was about to sleep in. Malik is very particular about these things. Heehee

Malik: [500. Okay. These will do.]

Malik: [I will retire now. Please close the door on your way out. Thank you.]

The next day, we had a leisurely buffet breakfast at the Oakroom. Children below six years of age get in for free, but adults have to pay PhP990++ each. Nyiii. Our package came with two free breakfasts and a P1,000 voucher, which are frankly the only reasons why we ate there. The menu isn't that special and I sure as hell am not going to pay PhP990++ for it. Malik had congee with boiled egg. You like it Malik?

Malik: [I've had better.]

The boys played some more -

And then I gave Malik a bath in an inflatable tub within an actual tub. I love this tub but only recently discovered it in our big box of Malik's dedication gifts, most of which are still unopened. :) Here he is taking a bath while watching UFC. Soshal.

That's it. Maybe we'll do this in another hotel next time... Toodles.

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