Monday, September 6, 2010

Pao's brilliant idea

Malik, you should be glad you have me for your mother because your dad is cre-hey-zy.

Transcript of Stenographic Notes s. 22 onwards
Pao: "Gusto mo ibato ko?"
Me: "Huwag! Parang sira..."
Pao: "Hindi, ibato ko tapos lulutang sya!"
Me: "Baliw!"

P.S. Well, whadyaknow, Pao's idea is brilliant after all! Watch Rocky and Yen Yen Chan's daughter, Marion here. Interesting...


  1. Totoo yan, can't believe you haven't heard of that! When I took swimming lessons as a kid, daming babies na tinatapon sa water. Ang galing, tapos biglang magfo-float na.

  2. BTW, suggestion pala. When you embed the videos, you may want to adjust the width and length sa YouTube. Madali lang, look for the options sa may embed. Para hindi ma-affect layout mo.

  3. Waha Mel, hindi ko kakayanin manood. Pwede siguro ihagis si Malik, only when I'm not watching and only under Superman's supervision! Heehee

    Thanks for the suggestion, will try. Although I think these are the smallest resolutions. HD kasi ang aming mga video. Naks.

  4. Hi, Gladi!

    It took a number of swimming sessions before Marion was ready to dip her head under the water. She was too excited being in the water to pick up on the cue to hold her breath & close her mouth. She's malikot in the pool. Even now I have to watch her because she's always trying to taste the water. She's accidentally breathed in water but it didn't upset her. The first video I posted (humpty dumpty) is a video of Marion sitting on the ledge and jumping/falling into the pool herself. Fearless. That's why even if I've considered just throwing her into the water (yes, I'm crazy also) so she can learn to swim faster (?), I stop myself because I don't want her to be traumatized and scared of the water. :-)

    We have yet to meet the famous Malik. Looking forward to it. :-)

  5. Gladi, the HD resolution of your video will not be affected. You are just reducing the width and length of your YT video screen. Try mo!

  6. Mel, hindi na nga marereduce. These are the smallest width and length for our videos' resolution. :D

  7. Yen, wait. I haven't seen that video of Marion diving into the water herself. Must look for it now!

  8. This is so cute!

    Yeah, kids do float kahit ibato sa tubig. I took swimming lessons when I was teen and ung mga babies na kasabay ko hinahagis talaga (literal) sa pool.

    I am a new follower. Hope you can visit my blog and follow me too? Thanks! :)

  9. Thanks for dropping by, Maria. :)


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