Friday, September 17, 2010

Pass it forward

About six months ago, when an opportunity presented itself for us to give away Malik's clothes, I wavered and ultimately decided against letting go. As a result, Malik has dozens of clothes that he's outgrown just lying inside our cabinets. 

Fast forward to September, when my cousin Tony also known as Food Trip 28* will be welcoming a third addition to his family in a month. He and wife Jenny will be having a baby boy. So I again went through Malik's clothes to see if some other baby could benefit from what Malik can't use anymore.

I followed-through this time. Put all of Malik's small clothes in a bag and delivered them to Kuya Tony over the weekend. I did set aside some for when Malik's  brother or sister comes around (Ahem), but most of it had to go. 

"Here you go baby cousin. It's all yours!"

Of course, I had to take pictures of Malik wearing his mittens for the last time before packing all of them away. Hindi na bagay. You're too big for mittens honeybun. 

Malik Mouse

*My cousin is well-known among overseas Filipinos because of his simple and easy-to-follow recipes on youtube. He's an excellent cook. You should look him up!

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