Saturday, September 25, 2010

ProP 10.0 - Malik Can!

Proud Parent Update - Malik turns 10 months old today. Hooray! Time sure flies when you're having fun. To all my son's fans/stalkers, I'm sorry for not posting as many blog entries about him as I'd like to. There are just so many things that Malik's been up to of late, it's super hard to pick isolated incidents to write about. I'm utterly amazed. This baby is awesome, I tell you! (Naks, stage mother na stage mother). 

Today, let's just focus on Malik's large motor skills. Remember he couldn't sit down on his own two weeks ago? He can do that now, plus more - cruising, gliding, bunny-hopping (joke ;p).

Pao says he's seen Malik take steps to one side already. Let me correct that. That should read "step" in the singular. I haven't seen this yet so I will delay writing about it until I get veritable proof. In the meantime, let's watch this -

Happy Birthday Malik!


  1. Thanks Mishee!

    Note to self: Saw Malik step to one side without holding on to anything, Saturday afternoon September 25.


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