Thursday, September 2, 2010

ProP 9.3 - Malik Hearts Vince Chase

Proud Parent Update - We discovered Tuesday night that Malik likes the opening sequence to The Entourage. For the two people in the planet who may not know, The Entourage is a TV series produced by actor Mark Wahlberg that is loosely based on his experiences when he was just starting out in Hollywood. Here are the stars of the show, "Vince Chase" (middle with the curly hair) and his entourage, Ari Gold, E Murphy, Turtle and Vince's older brother, Drama.

Anyway, back to Malik. Malik likes the intro song to The Entourage so much that nothing we do can distract him from watching it. We have used this to our advantage of course. Now, we are able to get Malik to change into his pajamas without him squirming so much. Yey. See, this is what Malik looks like when he's watching The Entourage -

Malik: (-----)

As always, all of this would be more believable if we actually have a video of Malik doing his thing. As luck would have it, we do! Here it is. I suggest you turn your laptop's volume to maximum so you can hear the song (We realize from this exercise that Malik may actually like rock and roll more than Barney. Hmmm.) You may go ahead and watch s. 1:18 onwards. It's interesting how Malik snaps out of his trance once the song is over. Heehee


  1. Superhero by Jane's Addiction! I love that song! Try niyo kaya i-download, tapos see if he responds without the visual :)

  2. hahaha! ang cute ni malik! seryosong seryoso!

  3. yey malik.mukhang maganda ang taste mo sa music.

  4. Mel, believe it or not, Pao actually sings this song to Malik to make him fall asleep. It's his new lullaby! Kaloka!

    Mishee, Malik takes his rock and roll seriously. Heehee

    Golds, siyempre. Kanino pa ba magmamana yan? Hindi naman kami nakikinig ni Pao ng Criss-Cross nung gradeschool. Haha


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