Monday, September 13, 2010

ProP 9.5 - Baby Steps

Proud Parent Update - [Warning: This is a video-intensive post. Viewer discretion is advised.]

I have a feeling Malik will be walking soon. He can stand, and  more importantly remain standing, for a few seconds on his own. This video was taken earlier this month. He had just begun experimenting with his legs' strength then, so he stood for just 15 seconds. Now he can stand for close to a minute. Okay. Maybe I'm just exaggerating, but that's for me to know and for you to find out. Teehee

Malik likes to pull up against these plastic containers that are lined up against a wall in our room. The problem is, he hasn't quite figured out how to sit down from standing position yet. He's afraid of letting go. You'll notice in this video he tries to sit down many times, but could not because his other hand is still hanging on to the plastic boxes. Our son is so cute. I want to put him in my pocket. :p

We ordinarily will restrain ourselves from helping Malik out. I think most of the time all we need to do as parents is to let our kids figure things out on their own.* But by this next video, Malik's been standing in the same spot for minutes (possibly, close to ten minutes). He's understandably tired already, so I helped him out. Don't worry. There's still a point to this exercise. Namely, if Malik finds himself in a bind, he should know mommy and daddy will always be around. Naks.

* With some exceptions, like when their dad volunteers to throw them into a pool!


  1. By the way Mel, aren't you proud of me? I figured out what video dimensions fit my blog's lay out perfectly! Yahoo.

  2. Yay Gladi I'm so proud! Haha, sorry pakialamera ko :)

  3. BTW, I have another blog recommendation, this might be to your liking:

    Been reading her blog for years kasi she's into home decorating and arts and crafts. Try mo :)

  4. haha! ang cute sobra ni malik. my dumadaldal ba o kumakanta habang nakatayo. daming sinasabi! haha! ^^


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