Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ProP 9.6 - Sleep Crawling

Proud Parent Update - Night time with Malik is an everyday battle. One minute he's minding his own business, crawling everywhere and just delightfully giggling -

The next minute he's crying like a poor tortured soul -

There are a few things that make Malik cry. 
Not being able to go to sleep when he's sleepy is one of them. 

Anyway, this post is really about Malik's sleeping habits. I'm happy to report that Malik is (almost) sleeping through the night. He used to wake up every two hours or so for milk. Now, he wakes up only once on average, at around 2:00 a.m.  

The rest of the time Malik will be squirming on the bed, finding his ideal sleeping position. Sometimes, if he can't go back to sleep, he'll crawl. It's odd. He's still asleep but he's moving about. Is there such a thing as sleep crawling? Hmm. 

All of this means that Malik is still making noise, even when he's not drinking as much milk at night as he used to. This in turn means I'm still not getting enough rest, which brings me back to my first sentence: Night time with Malik is an everyday battle. 

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