Thursday, September 23, 2010

So here's what I think

[Some spoilers here. Walk away if you haven't watched Glee this week yet.]

I was impressed with Charice in her restroom scene with Lea Michele. That was simple unadulterated singing that showcased her voice. I'm also glad she was able to pull off the accent. Not trying hard this time, just the way I like it. I love that she appears as a Filipino. When news first came out that Charice will be appearing as a new character in Glee, we thought she will be casted as a Vietnamese. Good to know she will be appearing as a fictional version of herself. And I love the name Sunshine Corazon. It's very Filipino. Parang meron siyang mga kapatid na Baby at Boy Corazon ang pangalan. Haha

I didn't like - (1) the fact that she mostly had one-liners; (2) her outfits - the freaky glasses, the pig tails, the berets! What high school student wears pig tails to school? (I admit though that she is not to be blamed for this. 'Twas the costume designer's idea.); (3) her audition and her audition song, Listen. Wait, I think I liked the song choice I just didn't like the way Charice sang it. My gad, so OA this girl. I can do without all the hand movements woman. Glee is not
Tanghalan ng Kampeon.

One question though before we end: Now that Charice has been pirated by Vocal Adrenalin, does this mean we won't be seeing as much of her as we thought we would?


  1. I swear we share a brain wave of some sort... Napansin ko din yang hand movements na yan! Noted it on facebook (mag facebook ka na kasi)

    btw, you watch big bang theory also? Favorite din namin yan ni Golda. Mga nerdoks talaga tayo haha

  2. Mel, I take pride in being the only person in my office who does not have a Facebook account. Must hold on to that title!

    Akala yata ni Charice, nasa singing contest pa rin siya sa piesta. Ayaw ni Beyonce! Wahaha

    I heart Sheldon! Sheldon, Sheldon!

  3. ako din!! may sequence dun sa audition na parang 30 hand gestures in 5 seconds.pero oo magaling ung sa banyo.



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