Tuesday, September 14, 2010

They've got brogues

I know I said those oxfords and loafers that I got last week will be the last of my shoe purchases for the year. However, the long weekend forced me to try my luck again at Forever 21. I did not bring home anything the first time I went there. The place is just too huge; it was overwhelming. I went to just look around this time, honestly. But while I was wandering aimlessly in the store, the heavens directed me to this wall -

Wingtips? Check 
Stacked heel ? Faux, but will do 
In a light color this time? Check. 
Comfortable? Uhm, except for the pinching in my ankles which I expect will disappear after a few wears, Check.

I cannot help it. I got the one in the foreground. Oh no.

My relatives States side have actually sent over cash for my birthday next month. We are spoiled that way. Here I am, a grown working woman with a 9-month old son, still receiving birthday gifts from my Aunts! Haha So technically, this pair isn't a purchase. I consider it as a gift. I'm still keeping my promise.

P.S. Will someone from Forever 21 address just a couple of questions. One, where are the benches? How can we possibly try on shoes without chairs? And two, where are the boxes? Where do you expect us to store your shoes?


  1. These pairs are just so hard to resist! :)

  2. Haha, I made a similar comment in a blog entry I made before about Forever 21. Walang upuan to fit shoes! Pano ako bibili niyan?

    I love that store my gosh. Buti na lang malayo sa akin.

  3. Maria, they're comfortable too. The inner sole has cushion. I was pleasantly surprised. :)

    Mel, I can't find things to buy at Forever 21, at least not as much as the number of things that I'd like to bring home when walking through SM Department Store. I find the clothes pricey considering the material. I fear they're all just for hand washing!


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