Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vaginismus: Pinsan ni Optimus

Rumor's going around that John Lloyd Cruz and girlfriend Shaina Magdayao were involved in a, uhm, "medical situation" where they had to be brought to a hospital to, uhm, "disengage". Seeing that I am a self-confessed fan of Mr. Cruz and his work, it may be a wonder why I haven't blogged about this rumor yet. 

It's because I don't want to dignify said rumor by writing about it (lenghtily heehee) and in the process do any more damage to Lloydie's reputation. But let's evaluate why don't we, just 'cause we can.
Is the rumor believable? Well yes. A medical condition as rare and incredible as vaginismus would have been difficult to conjure out of thin air. Do I choose to believe it? Of course not. I'd much rather believe that Lloydie and Shaina are the types of people who'd consummate their love for each other after marriage. Wahaha

In case you have no idea what I'm yapping about, maybe this here statement would help.


  1. hahaha! totoo daw sabi ng friend ko na nurse sa hospital na yun. ^^ chicka ko sayo soon. ^^

  2. It's true???

    Gladi, thanks for blogging about it. Wala ako sa loop. Haha. I didn't hear about the rumor til I read your post. ;p

  3. umm and then gladi pakichika sa kin ang ichichika ni mishee sa yo please. :p hmn i'm still on the fence about this rumor.

  4. When there's smoke, there's fire. I believe! LOL

    Seriously, para tong some twisted version of American Pie/There's Something About Mary. How embarrassing!

  5. Ladies, one of the reasons why I believe this rumor is because there's always someone who knows someone who was personally involved in the medical crisis, i.e. see Mishee's comment above. I have an officemate who testifies to the same thing. She knows a person daw who knows a person who administered the drug. If people are willing to vouch for the event happening, then it happened alright.

    John Lloyd, honey, if you're reading this, don't worry. My love for you has not diminished one bit. But this incident is just too funny. Wahaha I kid.


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