Thursday, September 23, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Ooh, just watching all of these great shows that are returning to the small screen for Fall's new season. Woothoot.

Tuesday, we were busy watching these (aired Monday in the U.S. of A) -

Castle - In Episode 1 of Season 3, Beckett arrests Castle for turning up at a crime scene. After last season's dramatic ending (where Kate sees Rick off on his way to the Hamptons with his 2nd ex-wife), the two reunite to solve a murder mystery involving a Chemistry teacher, a vending machine salesman (technician? I forget.), a sculptor, and a tattoo artist/strip club owner. Episode 1 does not disappoint although I have issues with Stana Katic's fashion sense. Girl, you have got to get a stylist!

How I Met Your Mother - In the first Episode of this Season, Marshall and Lily attempt to make a baby although Lily's spirits are dampened when she learns that Marshall told his dad about their plans. Robin still isn't over her break-up with her news anchor boyfriend from last season and so acts like a slob. Ted meets what he thinks is the love of his life, only to find out that she's Cindy's roommate (Cindy is that character played by Rachel Bilson). Barney, well, he's still Barney.

Yesterday, ah yesterday was Glee time! In Episode 1, the Glee Club gets a budget cut to funnel additional funding for the McKinley High football team and their new female coach, Coach Beist (Did I get the spelling right? It's supposedly French). While everyone else seems to be signing up for the other clubs, especially the Cheerios, there's a sad dearth of new recruits willing to join New Directions. Emma and Ken are missing in action. Blah blah blah. We all know what's really worth writing about this Season - Charice, Oprah's singing sensation, joins the cast as Filipino exchange student Sunshine Corazon. My thoughts on this to follow. Teehee

Anyway, there are so many other shows to look forward to this week. Chuck aired Monday, Modern Family and Cougar Town aired Wednesday, Big Bang Theory airs Thursday...Ack!

You may view the Fall TV schedule here

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