Saturday, September 18, 2010

WWMD - What Would Mommy Do

We took Malik to one of those play areas in malls, where parents often leave their babies so they can in turn gallivant. Our intention was not to buy ourselves free time, although this could be an objective in the future. Ha! In the meantime, we just wanted Malik to experience a different play environment since he stays at home with the helpers 5 days a week. It's only a theory but I think babies can get cabin fever too!

Pao went inside with Malik while I followed them around paparazzi style. After observing babies, toddlers and older children interact, I have come to the conclusion that children, in all their innocence, can surprisingly be mean. 

There's a kid there, around 2 years old, who likes to throw balls at other children and slap them. I named him Chuckie. Teehee When a mom saw what Chuckie did to her own son, he sort of scolded Chuckie and told her kid to stay away from him because "he's [Chuckie] bad". 

I wonder if I would have reacted the same way. I would have just allowed Chuckie and Malik to work out their differences on their own. You know, teach them to fight their own battles (the minor ones at least). My strategy would have worked, because some minutes later, I saw Chuckie and some kids against whom his wrath was earlier directed, happily throwing plastic balls at each other in the spirit of good cheer. 

This is all theoretical of course. Malik hasn't been slapped by anyone yet. Come to think of it, just the idea  makes me want to file a criminal complaint, even when the perpetrator is just a 2-year old boy. Haha

Anyway, what actually happened was, Malik played with this adorable 10-month old. No actual slapping or ball-throwing transpired. Whew. 

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