Sunday, October 31, 2010

Love and Laughter

Sundays are for family and for watching fun family videos. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Someone feels strongly about this show

Those of us who were teenagers in the 90s are sure to remember Mara Clara, the soap that catapulted Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes to showbiz stardom.

Ah, those were the days where Juday looked like this -

I'm just saying...she used to look commonplace.

You may have heard already, Monday marked the first airing of ABS-CBN's remake of the soap starring these  promising young actresses -

Kathryn Bernardo as Mara and Julia Montes as Clara

Malik is either: (A) Not a fan of the series, or (B) Such a fan that he is moved to tears everytime he hears the theme song. Watch -

Some minutes later -

What do you think? Haha

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bag Raincoat

Watermarks decrease the value of a designer bag, but this is just ridiculous -

"RAINCOAT FOR all kinds of bags

Medium sold here for PhP220 plus shipping in case you're interested, which I assume you're not if you're even my friend. On the other hand, the product apparently works for some people because the seller already disposed of some on ebay. Hmmm. Intriguing. And also very daft.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Person Smell

By the way, we're welcoming a new person in the family -

Teo Gonzales - B. 19 October 2010

Isn't he the cutest? I love the new person smell of babies (I actually just got this line off Modern Family but it's true!). Teo is the third son of my cousin Tony and wife Jen. Teo shares the same birthday with his 5-year old Kuya Ax. How very unlikely and also tipid for the family. Hello, shared birthdays! 

Ax Gonzales - B. 19 October 2005

We were almost all girls in my generation of the family. Some weekends were spent playing dress-up with the lush curtains over at Auntie Mira's [haunted] house in Little Baguio. So having almost-all boys in this generation, except for my favorite and only niece Jowie, is new to us. Raising baby boys is a test of your patience. Kaloka. So rowdy these new kuyas!

Kuya Gabby at 3 years old, Kuya Malik at 10 months


I spent the better part of Monday following Malik around the house to see what he does when we're off working. For starters, Malik likes to take his baths -

Side Note: Doesn't the nursery rhyme 'Rub-a-dub-dub three men in a tub' sound so gay? Dudes, huwag maligo ng sabay-sabay!

He then takes a nap until around lunch time. Afternoons, I tell Ate Bear to bring Malik upstairs so he can play and learn to walk some more. Since I was home Monday, I decided to bring out the activity mat that we got for Malik when he was just a teeny baby -

Malik at 3 months

Babies grow up so fast, no? One minute Malik can barely lift his head while lying on the mat, the next minute he's able to actually lift the mat -

 Amazing!  Malik likes looking into the mirror too, curious little peeper -

Speaking of curiosity -

I do not like clutter. But it turns out, clutter becomes a part of daily life with a baby in the house. They have so much stuff! Luckily, I find baby clutter endearing (or maybe I'm just saying this because I have to live with all the mess. Eeek)

The Far End

Malik then capped off his productive day of playing and napping with a yummy mini-11th month-birthday cake. Yey.

Malik: "Hmph. Hindi ko naman yan pwede kainin. Tse."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ProP 11.0 - He Walks

Proud Parent Update -  I was excited to see Malik walk as soon as he turned 10 months old. I noticed though that Malik gets lazy when it comes to walking. He'll stand up sure, but realizing that he'll make better progress if he crawled instead, he'd just go down on all fours and start a-crawling. Out of excitement and perhaps desperation, I made Malik use his cousin Mae's walker. We all know the walker is pink but Malik is clueless. Heehee -

Pediatricians and most credible parenting books now advice against the use of walkers. After letting Malik try one out, I must say that I agree. Malik just sits on the walker with his legs dangling without purpose to his sides like this -

Occasionally, Malik will try to push himself with a foot, but that's about that. There was mobility but there was no actual walking going on! Nyee. So after about a week, we set aside the walker and tried the traditional back-breaking arms under the kili-kili approach.

What do you know, the technique paid off. At 11:00 p.m. of Sunday, several hours before Malik's 11 month birthday, Malik began walking on his own. I was able to take this video -

The action begins at sec. 48 so be patient. Plus, considering these are baby steps, you'll notice Malik barely travels a foot in almost 5 minutes! Waha

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Days like yesterday

How was everyone's long weekend? We spent the day at home yesterday so Malik can get some rest. We don't know why but Malik rarely gets sleep during the weekend. Maybe it's because he's excited to spend time with daddy and mommy. Or he could just be excited to see the world beyond our house. Basta Malik rarely naps when he's with us. It is really Ate Bear who has magic sleeping powers.

Anyway, so since the weekend was spent with the grandparents - Saturday with Lolo Duck and Sunday with the Zamoras - yesterday was spent resting at home. I woke up closer to lunch than to breakfast. Had a nice bowl of cereal. Slept again 'til after lunch. Voted (of course!). Bought cake on my way home because Malik turned 11 months old yesterday (This will be the subject of a separate post). And spent the rest of the day playing with Malik. I even found the time to lie like a vegetable in a corner of the bedroom to read a book. Yey.

Pambahay: Our version of this season's print-on-print trend. Heehee

I love days like yesterday, when I'm doing nothing commercially significant but accomplishing a lot at the same time. When I'm stressed, I pretend I'm a stay-at-home mom and make-up imaginary stay-at-home mom schedules in my head, i.e. go to the gym, teach Malik to walk, read Malik a book, do the grocery on a weekday afternoon etc.

This weekend is yet another long weekend and I'm looking forward to that. In the meantime though, someone has to finish pleadings at work. Four days to go. Woothoot.

Monday, October 25, 2010


It's shallow I know. But I'm sure you too have experienced the classic shopaholic's dilemma of choosing between quantity over quality. I thought that with age, I've learned to put a premium on quality. The philosophy has served me well. Even though I end  up paying a little more for clothes or accessories, I get a "rebate" when I tire of them because I easily get to sell them to ladies looking for a good deal using pre-owned stuff.

Anywho, this is just a long introduction to the story of how I chose to buy a few things that I medyo liked over one thing that I really liked because the former cost less. See I loved this necklace over at bijouxdelou -

Nerd necklace made of polished brass. This may as well have been customized for me. Only PhP600.

But I was browsing ebay that night and thought for that price, I could buy all of these plus some -

Various vintage necklaces from tinatindera. All below PhP150 each.

I chose to buy the necklaces from ebay. Eeek. My accessories arrived in the mail the other day, and more than a couple came with tarnished necklaces. I'm sure they're nothing that a little buffing won't fix but now that I have four vintage pendants on hand, I still want to buy the necklace that says Nerd. Ugh.

The moral of the story is: Never settle for substitutes. In a larger scale, for example, if you want an oversized Mulberry Alexa that costs PhP60K, don't buy several Guccis and LVs to temporarily satisfy your selfish want. You'll just end up spending more because the Guccis and the LVs, which certainly cost you money that you could have saved to buy the Alexa, will not fill that gaping materialistic void in your gut. Word.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

ProP 10.6 - Holiday! Celebrate!

After voting tomorrow, let's celebrate the non-working holiday by collectively dancing for joy. Malik will lead us. Watch -

Saturday, October 23, 2010


It's Christmas in the Zamora household! I wasn't able to take a photo of our Christmas tree, but you may remember it from our old condo. I kept the same ornaments and we're using the same tree, so it still looks like this more or less -

Elsewhere around the house, we put up a wreath -

And three orange Christmas balls guard our stairs -

(Now that I think about it, these balls look sad. They need friends.)

Pao said he'll install the Christmas lights in the plant box soon. We're wondering though if the Christmas lights will melt in direct sunlight. Hmmm. And I'd also like to buy our first family capiz lantern this year. I wonder how much those cost now. How about you? How's your Christmas decorating coming along?

Friday, October 22, 2010


What I'm Thinking: The weather's great. There are 194 other countries in the world that I can visit. Ah, yes. I am yet to see Greece. Malik is learning something new today. I wish I can give me a hug now. I have some pasta recipes in mind that I'd like to try out. There is still the matter of learning to make a quilt. I want to make my own furniture or possibly reupholster one. I can learn French, learn more Japanese, finally speak Ilocano. Wait. I want to make my own jewelry too. Maybe I should start with semi-precious stones. Should I study some more? An MBA will be interesting. There are just so many things to do.... 

What I'm Doing: Sitting behind a desk. Looking into a computer screen. Earning money for someone else. 

There is something wrong here. *Crickets*

And with that, I'm off. The weekend awaits! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I spy with my little eye

Malik is turning one year old next month. Yey! Pao originally wanted a huge party ala Jimwel Pacquiao's birthday, complete with food carts, a huge venue, lots of food, clowns, acrobats, elephants, giraffes... the works. I wanted a small celebration because times are hard and well, Malik is too young to remember anyway. What's important is that the kids have fun and we get to celebrate Malik's life with family and friends.

This weekend, we finally settled on where to celebrate Malik's 1st birthday. It's not going to be fancy but there will be face painting and a photo booth and the customary dance number from the Philippines' most-loved bubuyog. Here are clues. Can you see where we're holding Malik's 1st birthday party?

There it is.

What the Bible says about Plumbing

I got used to my dad being able to fix anything in the house. Well, I'm sure he really can't fix everything, but I was made to believe he could. My dad is your regular "why-hire-someone-to-do-it-when-i-can-do-it-myself" kind of dad. He knows basic plumbing and carpentry, and I swear, for most of my childhood, my dad spent Saturdays dismantling something at home and trying to put all of it together again.

Lolo Doc: "Okay Malik. I will raise you to become the best diesel mechanic ever."

Pao, on the other hand, is another matter. He's the "why-should-i-do-it-when-i-don't-know-squat-about-it-and-we-can-hire-someone-to-do-it-for-us" kind of dad. Except when it involves gadgets and musical instruments, Pao would much rather get someone who's in the know in the picture rather than try to fix the car or a part of the house by himself.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been pestering Pao to fix our shower head. The leak was bearable at first, but soon the dripping water from the shower head kept us awake at night, at least when the bathroom door was left ajar. Pao instantly suggested that we call up our handyman Kuya Greg. I was against it because, I quote, "It's such a simple thing. Why pay Kuya Greg for a day's services when that's all he's going to fix? It's easy. You do it. Ikaw na lang. Do it (5x)."

Against his will, Pao tried to fix the leaking shower head on Sunday. Ayan, nasira lalo. If you saw us in the house that night, it sure looked like we were in a reality show. The entire handle came off. Water started gushing out of the pipe (not dripping or seeping or leaking ha? GUSHING!). I had to cover the hole and get drenched in the process, while Pao looked for the switch (?) that would shut down water in the entire house. It was madness!

We ended up calling up Kuya Greg at close to 9:00 p.m. to fix the broken shower head and now, broken pipes. He and Pao had to go to whatever hardware store was still open at that time on a Sunday to look for the necessary plumbing parts - all of which could have been done earlier and without too much of a hassle had I listened to my husband in the first place.

The moral of the story is, do not listen to your wife when she tells you to fix the leaking shower head. She is delusional. Besides, the Bible is right. Wives should submit to their husbands as to the Lord (Ephesians 5: 22-33) at least as far as plumbing is concerned. That's settled.

[Photo that has nothing to do with this post, but I'm posting it anyway because my son is too cute. Haha]

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire so freakin' bad...

Have you heard? Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired 70% of Mang Inasal (a restaurant that sells grilled chicken, Bacolod style) for PhP3B. That's 3,000,000,000.00. Count it. Nine freakin' zeroes!

Jollibee: "Magkano ka?"

You may recognize Mang Inasal's owner/Chairman/CEO Edgar Sia II, from his Globe Negostar commercial -

I remember how he looks like because he reminds me a lot of my law school batchmate and friend, Rocky -

Injap Sia II - Rocky In An Alternate Universe

Jollibee's PSE disclosure states that Mang Inasal's annual revenues reach PhP2.6B per year. Regardless, I still think they got a good deal because only 24 of the 303 Mang Inasal branches nationwide are company-owned. The rest are franchises. Plus, Rocky In An Alternate Universe retains 30% ownership of his fastfood chain. Sweet.

If I had PhP3B, I'd probably lie around the house all day, play with Malik, shop, and check my bank account online every so often to see how much interest I've earned. But knowing how hardworking entrepreneurs can be, Rocky In An Alternate Universe is probably still in his office, thinking up ways to invest this money. This is why he's a billionaire while I remain a salaried employee! Argh.

(Click here and here to read more about Jollibee's recent acquisition.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to spot a fake Cath Kidston bag

Here's the follow-up to my previous post on ordering a bag from the Cath Kidston website. Like I said, I suggest you just buy from trusted local resellers rather than ordering online. Cath Kidston day and bucket bags sell for about PhP6,500 to PhP7,000 locally. That's just a PhP500 - PhP1K mark-up from the amount that you would have to pay if you buy from the UK (considering shipping and customs duties). Accessory Lab and this Multiply store sell authentic Cath Kidston bags. Steer clear of Greenhills or 168 or any other store that says their bags are from Hong Kong. That's an indirect way of saying that the bag is a fake!

Since I unknowingly purchased a fake Cath Kidston bag from ebay, I decided to compare the fake one with the authentic bag that I got from Cath Kidston to help us spot the real deal. I am of course not comparing bags of the same design, but these general observations will serve most of our purposes.

First, I notice that a real Cath Kidston bag has overlapping and loose stitches especially near the handle. The bag is not that well made. So nope, an overlapping stitch is not an indication that your bag is a fake. The striking difference can be seen in the Cath Kidston label in front of the bag.

This is the fake label. Notice that it's crinkled, the lettering is faded, and the stitches overlap.

This is the real label. It's flat, the stitching is cleaner, and the lettering appears in a bolder red.

The difference in colors also appears in the tag inside the bag. The first two are pictures of the tag of the fake bag and the last two are the real deal. Notice also that the tag in the fake one is tattered, while the real deal has a very neat tag.

That's it. I hope this is helpful. And oh, before I forget. I remember committing to blog about how I was able to order a Cath Kidston bag online. It was easy. You use your credit card to order, following the usual process of adding to cart, checking out, and entering shipping and payment information. You will receive a confirmation from Cath Kidston via email -

Wait two weeks and you will receive a notice from the post office telling you to come pick up your bag. The bag will arrive in this -

With the Cath Kidston barcode/label attached -

Pay customs duties and you're good to go. Enjoy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

ProP 10.5 - Pogiboy Strikes Again

Proud Parent Update - It's difficult to top the last video that I posted. Really, I get goosebumps every time I look at the screen preview of Lloydie's birthday greeting. Yikee. In order to move on (I can only celebrate my 30th birthday for so long), I would have to show you a mind blowing video - something that you will remember for the rest of your lives and would probably tell your grandkids about.

Before we proceed, I should tell you that you have to be physically, emotionally and mentally prepared to witness this. Are you  ready? I will not be held responsible if you keel over out of sheer delight! Are you sure you're ready? Okay. Behold, Malik's version of "beautiful eyes" -

Malik does this a lot, even to random strangers like salesladies and waiters. As usual, we don't know where he picked it up. The downside is, we also don't know how to trigger it. Sometimes he responds when we say "beautiful eyes Malik" but the 'command' also often fails. I guess this is one of the things that Malik is born with. He has an innate ability to be charming, which is great because this is one of the skills that Malik will need for
his future career

Next attraction - Malik dancing. Abangan.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Best Birthday Ever

First, my husband gets me a Kindle 3. And then, my sister-in-law gets me this for my birthday -

Sure Lloydie also promoted his new fantaserye Imortal in the course of greeting a hopeless fan such as myself, but let's not focus on that.

Thanks Ana! You rock! Siyempre you will rock more if you introduce me to John Lloyd and/or take me with you to the Imortal set but that's just getting ahead of ourselves. Heehee

Friday, October 15, 2010

This is not a picture frame

Pao handed me my birthday gift on the eve of my actual birthday. I wasn't too excited to open it because the size of the box did not fall into either of the following categories: (1) very big - in which case, it would have contained another bagor (2) very small - in which case, it would have contained a necklace designed by Daphne Osena-Paez (on my wish list for so long). Considering the box's size and shape, I thought Pao gave me chocolates, or worse, a picture frame!

Malik: "Let's open it already mommy! I get the wrapper!"

Yesterday morning though, Malik woke me up and made me open my gift. So I did. Look what I got -

The all-new Kindle 3! Oh-em-gee!

Here are some of the Kindle 3's features. All photos from

"Slim and lightweight - only 8.5 ounces"

"50% better contrast for the sharpest text and images"

"Read in bright sunlight with no glare"

"Built in PDF reader with pan and zoom"

 "Built-in Dictionary with Instant Lookup"

 "Shop the Kindle store right on your device."

I said it once, I'll say it again. The iPad is a toy. The Kindle, on the other hand, is a lean-mean reading machine! I am amazed at the quality of the screen. There is no glare to it. It looks like I am looking at a page of an actual book. Plus, I no longer contribute to the killing of trees whilst feeding my reading addiction AND I don't have to deal with clutter anymore. I love it!

I am yet to download books from Amazon because I don't own a credit card. Haha But I should get to that right away, because by golly, the new Kindle can hold as much as 3,500 eBooks!

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