Thursday, October 7, 2010

ProP 10.2 - Liyad Boy

Proud Parent Update - I was inspired by this post over at Notes on Nurturing. I held back on blogging about Malik's mishaps because I was afraid someone would report me to the DSWD. Teehee. Now I know that I'm not the only parent eaten by guilt every time my kid gets a scratch / bump / bruise. Here is evidence of Malik's latest conquest -

See bruising on forehead. Ouch. 

Malik got this one evening last week. He was sleepy but couldn't sleep so he resorted to his habit of diving head first on the bed. That night, Malik's head missed the pillow and instead hit the wall. Poor baby. 

I don't know what else to do really. We try to live in an environment that is safest for Malik. We got rid of our bed and have been sleeping on the floor. Our room is filled wall to wall with rubber puzzle mats -

We bought extra body pillows to place against our walls -

But children will be children. Recently, Malik has been leaning backwards like this a lot -

He also discovered how to pull out the cut-out letters from the puzzle mats. His favorite is the letter 'B'. I caught him taking out 'K' this time -

I wish I could install foam on all of our walls to keep Malik from hurting himself, but that's just crazy.

I guess we'd just have to teach Malik to be more careful. Considering however that Malik is a 10-month old baby boy, the next question then is, HOW?

Just stay close to mommy, Malik. I'll keep you in my pocket and take you wherever I go.

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