Sunday, October 10, 2010

Atty. Gomez Adams

Halloween's just around the corner and I'm so excited! I've narrowed down Malik's possible trick(ing) or treat(ing) costumes to two. First, we look at what we can work with. As you can see, Malik's hair looks like the hair of a fat man in his 50s. Teehee -

Side view. In case you're wondering, that's just cookie on his cheeks. :p

So...Malik can either turn up as: A) Gomez Adams -

Or: B) A public prosecutor. In Tagalog, fiscal -

I personally think Option B is scarier and more original, although I bet we'll have a harder time explaining what Malik is when he shows up at your Halloween party. What do you think? 



  1. Fiscal? Scary!

    Pero Gomez Adams na lang so you can draw him a moustache!! :D

  2. Pwede din sya si Your Honor! :D

  3. Or we're also considering Luciano Pavarotti / any other tenor who's plump but still alive. So many possibilities! :p

  4. Gladi!!
    Si Pao and Malik can be this (ventriloquist & puppet)!:

    And you can be... um, the lady assistant to the magician? :p

  5. Haha Excellent idea Yen! I'll show Pao! That's just too funny...Wahaha


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