Sunday, October 17, 2010

Best Birthday Ever

First, my husband gets me a Kindle 3. And then, my sister-in-law gets me this for my birthday -

Sure Lloydie also promoted his new fantaserye Imortal in the course of greeting a hopeless fan such as myself, but let's not focus on that.

Thanks Ana! You rock! Siyempre you will rock more if you introduce me to John Lloyd and/or take me with you to the Imortal set but that's just getting ahead of ourselves. Heehee


  1. oh my gosh!! kinilig ako for you!

  2. Wah! Ang gwapo niya no?! *faints*

  3. Pramis when I saw the video on thumbnail, kala ko si Pao haha.

    Can I tag along? *teehee*


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