Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chamba Wamba

Does this look appetizing to you? *crickets*

This is the
aligue pasta (shot with a camera phone) whipped up by yours truly for Malik's 10th month birthday. I swear, I inherited my dad's cooking genes! Cooking doesn't get me all giddy like him, but when I feel like it, I can think of the most absurd dishes and actually cook them up. 

Sometimes, I fail and end up eating everything I cooked because no one else dares to. Haha Most of the time though, it isn't so bad. Even Pao admits I can cook now. This means something because he's my cooking's most vocal detractor. Pao now says my cooking has significantly improved. Okay, maybe this isn't how he said it but once upon a time, he did stop me from ordering parmesan crusted fish fillet at Italianni's because
"kaya mo naman lutuin yan." Nakanaman.

Anywho, I'm admittedly still incompetent to dispense cooking advice. But if you'd like to try out the dish that looks like Jollibee spaghetti above (Waha), here's what you do.

1: Sautee two cloves of finely chopped garlic in extra virgin olive oil.

2: Don't wait for the garlic to brown. Add a third of a bottle of pure crab fat, a.k.a unadulterated aligue.
3: Add the cooked pasta. Spaghetti works best. Add some more EVOO to your liking. I don't like it if my pasta is dripping with olive oil so I add just a little.
4: Put salt and pepper to taste.
5: Top with shredded deep fried smoked bangus. Crunchy wunchy. Pao's friend John likes to use tuyo but I am not a fan of this Filipino delicacy so tinapang bangus it is. 

That's it. You now have
pancit! Serve hot and with yabang, like I do. Heehee

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