Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to spot a fake Cath Kidston bag

Here's the follow-up to my previous post on ordering a bag from the Cath Kidston website. Like I said, I suggest you just buy from trusted local resellers rather than ordering online. Cath Kidston day and bucket bags sell for about PhP6,500 to PhP7,000 locally. That's just a PhP500 - PhP1K mark-up from the amount that you would have to pay if you buy from the UK (considering shipping and customs duties). Accessory Lab and this Multiply store sell authentic Cath Kidston bags. Steer clear of Greenhills or 168 or any other store that says their bags are from Hong Kong. That's an indirect way of saying that the bag is a fake!

Since I unknowingly purchased a fake Cath Kidston bag from ebay, I decided to compare the fake one with the authentic bag that I got from Cath Kidston to help us spot the real deal. I am of course not comparing bags of the same design, but these general observations will serve most of our purposes.

First, I notice that a real Cath Kidston bag has overlapping and loose stitches especially near the handle. The bag is not that well made. So nope, an overlapping stitch is not an indication that your bag is a fake. The striking difference can be seen in the Cath Kidston label in front of the bag.

This is the fake label. Notice that it's crinkled, the lettering is faded, and the stitches overlap.

This is the real label. It's flat, the stitching is cleaner, and the lettering appears in a bolder red.

The difference in colors also appears in the tag inside the bag. The first two are pictures of the tag of the fake bag and the last two are the real deal. Notice also that the tag in the fake one is tattered, while the real deal has a very neat tag.

That's it. I hope this is helpful. And oh, before I forget. I remember committing to blog about how I was able to order a Cath Kidston bag online. It was easy. You use your credit card to order, following the usual process of adding to cart, checking out, and entering shipping and payment information. You will receive a confirmation from Cath Kidston via email -

Wait two weeks and you will receive a notice from the post office telling you to come pick up your bag. The bag will arrive in this -

With the Cath Kidston barcode/label attached -

Pay customs duties and you're good to go. Enjoy!


  1. Gladi, just a comment again about Johnny Air and other forwarding services:

    You can use it anytime you purchase from an online website. Whether the site is US-based or UK-based or whatever. Just indicate that you want it shipped to the Johnny Air address. This site is good if you want to get your items right away (about a week, tops). Or if you don’t want the customs thieves to steal your items.

  2. im interested to buy a CK bag too. is it worth it? it doesn't easily get sira naman? :) im wanna get a carry all bag. hehe any idea how much it costs here in manila?:)

    this site kaya authentic yung bags? http://cathkid.multiply.com/?

  3. Hi! How much do you have to pay in custom duties?

  4. Hello, Hot Pink Mom. Click on the link to my previous post on ordering a bag from the Cath Kidston website (above). I took a picture of the computation that the post office gave me. But basically, for a E50 bag, I paid approx. PhP1800 in customs duties and taxes.

  5. hello. just wanted to share that i just picked up my ck order from the san juan post office. i was prepared to pay the P*#!% amount you mentioned in your other entry. i was so pleasantly surprised to have only been charged P40 for "fees". they didn't give me a receipt for it though.

  6. Hi! Just want to ask how much did they charge you for the shipping fee? Thanks! :)

  7. Hi daphne, good for you! I didn't mind the customs duties though. That is, under the assumption that the government will really spend them for the greater good. :p

  8. Hi Chay, I was charged £20 for shipping. At an exhange rate of PhP70=£1, that's around PhP1400.

  9. Thanks for your info.My Bag's Outside rabel is OK. But,inside rabel printed .and very very hard,like plates.
    Ifound it fake....
    I boughtit rakuten shop in japan.

  10. Hello. Thank you for writing this blog post/article on how to spot a fake from the real deal. I am saving up for a Cath Kidston bag of my own and want to own an original, kahit isa man lang mabili ko. Your blog post is of great help in my hunt to buy the real thing. :)


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