Thursday, October 7, 2010

Imortal Episode 1 - Ding and Dong

Just because I've been running around like a headless chicken lately, doesn't mean I wasn't able to watch John Lloyd My Love's new fantaserye, Imortal. Tadan -

Unfortunately, I missed last night's show and will probably miss today's and tomorrow's shows also. I'll just catch up on those when time permits. But just the same, h
ere's a very brief rundown of the first two episodes. The series bears a huge resemblance to all the other vampire series that we know. Just for kicks, you will hear a small bell *ding!* every time I am reminded of True Blood and a big cathedral bell *dong!* every time I am reminded of Twilight. Ready? Let's begin. 

In Episode 1, set sometime in the 1800s, we meet Roman (Jomari Yllana)  who is given the choice to either die or get turned into a vampire *ding!dong!* by his maker Magnus (Jake Roxas). Magnus wears a lot of foundation and could use a hair spa or two -

Because he has a family, Roman reluctantly agrees to accept the second option
*ding!dong!*. Soon after he is turned into a vampire, Roman returns to his human home thinking that he could be reunited with them. Unfortunately, he ends up wanting to kill/eat his son *ding!*. Roman thus begins despising Magnus for turning him into a vampire *ding!*. He resolves never to drink human blood *ding!dong!* and teaches himself to live only on the blood of wild pigs *ding!*. Roman eventually becomes the leader of a community of vampires who believe in the same dietary restrictions *dong!*

Hundreds of years later, sometime in the 1980s, Roman falls in love with a human played by Precious Lara Quigaman. They meet while Precious is nursing a sprained ankle while jogging in the woods in her yoga pants, with full make-up and without breaking a sweat.

By the way, vampires in Imortal can walk in the sunlight! They do not sparkle, which is good because that's the only thing original in this exercise. 

Anyway, Roman reveals to Precious that he is a vampire. Precious does not mind that her boyfriend is dead and will likely try to eat her *ding!dong!*. They get it on and bear a baby. They name the baby Mateo, after Roman's first human son. This Mateo will grow up to be a charming matinee idol with man-boobs - John Lloyd Cruz.

Roman: "What? My son will grow breasts?!"

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